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The University of Michigan is committed to transforming our students’ education by extending academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences that develop a global purview and a creative, entrepreneurial mindset.

The Potential

Student life at University of Michigan has a unique rhythm – it changes with the seasons, the major chosen, the type of residence selected. Sometimes, a student’s life doesn’t go as planned and the rhythm is broken. When this happens, students often need help to reestablish their goals, identity, find balance, and learn new skills.

Students who turn to Counseling and Psychological Services during these and other times, have emotional health needs that fall along a wide continuum: normative developmental changes; situational and/or time-bound problems creating distress; crisis interventions, therapy (and sometimes medication) to address disorders; and assistance in identifying resources to treat ongoing illnesses.

CAPS seeks to foster the psychological and emotional well-being of students through counseling and psychotherapy, preventative and educational programming, consultation and outreach, as well as contributions to the mental health professions.

Our staff includes fully licensed professionals in social work, psychiatry, and psychology. All CAPS clinicians identify as generalists and are comfortable working with issues such as anxiety, depression, eating concerns, family and relationship distress, hostility, substance abuse, and academic concerns. The team has over 300 cumulative years of experience working with college students.

The Impact

CAPS provides over 15,000 individual student visits per year; this is an increase of 76% in the last decade. Despite being a large agency serving many students, CAPS treats each student with individualized attention and care. Each interaction with a Michigan students, whether at the front desk or in a counseling room, is an opportunity to convey support and encouragement for our students.

This care is felt and appreciated by our students. 99.2% of students say they would come back to CAPS; 99.6% say they would recommend CAPS to a friend; and 94% rated the services received as high quality.

The Opportunities

Message of Hope Boards

$5,000 each/$100,000 campus network

The Messages of Hope boards are part of the CAPS effort to have no student die by suicide; this is a loss that is felt greatly on our campus on multiple levels. When a student is in suicidal crisis, the waves of hopelessness are overwhelming. These physical boards, installed throughout campus, provide opportunities for all members of the Michigan community to leave a “message of hope” for someone in need. Messages are written on 5x5 wooden tiles, and passers-by are encouraged to either leave a message, or take a message if they are in need. The boards would be created to have a consistent look and feel across campus, but also be tailored the culture of the specific school or college in which they are installed.


Wellness Zones

$250,000 each/$2,500,000 campus network

Wellness is a proactive approach to living that increases resiliency to stress by promoting life balance and contentment. Based on student feedback, CAPS has created its first Wellness Zone, a drop-in space for students which offers many resources to help them manage stress and relax as they manage their busy lives. This popular space features state-of-the-art massage chairs, yoga and meditation tools, Xbox Kinect systems, biofeedback software, seasonal affective disorder light therapy, and other wellness resources most desired by the students. Gifts will be used to covert additional spaces across campus to create and maintain additional Wellness Zones to better serve students where they live and learn.

Endowed Counseling Position

$1.75M endowed

Demand for CAPS-provided clinical services has increased dramatically in the past decade. Our staff of 22 professional clinicians is servicing an undergraduate student population in excess of 28,000 – providing 15,000 student visits per year. Working to provide each student with individualized care in a timely fashion is one of the hallmarks of CAPS. To ensure that this continues, we seek to increase the number of full-time professional counselors available to our students. Donors may choose to support a counselor working from the main CAPS office, or fund a position as part of our “embedded model,” assigned to work in a specific unit on campus.

Endowed CAPS Directorship

$2M endowed

As a nationally-recognized leader in student mental wellness, it is critical that the University of Michigan always attract the best and most talented individual to lead these efforts. An endowed directorship ensures this for the future by adding a level of prestige and visibility to this position, as well as increasing the funding available to hire additional team members. It would also help underscore the University’s strong commitment to this effort.

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Student Life is committed to student learning and the development of the whole student. We facilitate transformation and enrich education through new opportunities for learning and development; fostering an environment for the success of all community members; developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and others on an inclusive campus; enabling students to practice positive physical, emotional, social, intellectual, mental, and spiritual health; preparing students to succeed during and after their university experience; resolving complex issues through advocacy, services, and compliance; and providing programs and facilities for the physical, social, psychological, academic, and recreational needs of the campus community. 

To do all this, and much more, Student Life needs your support—every gift matters.

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Your gifts of cash, pledges, or appreciated securities will enhance the experience of all University of Michigan students. Wills, estate, and planned gifts allow you to create a lasting legacy that will allow our students to grow and thrive for generations to come. Thank you for giving to the University of Michigan.

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Planned Gifts

Legacy gifts from generous alumni and friends provide the future support needed to achieve the University’s long-term commitment to excellence. A bequest is the easiest and most tangible way to accomplish this. If you have already included Student Life in your estate plans, but have not previously notified us, please let us know. We would like to properly thank you for your support, ensure your wishes are met, and plan with you for the future.

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