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The University of Michigan is committed to transforming our students’ education by extending academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences that develop a global purview and a creative, entrepreneurial mindset.

The Potential

The Ginsberg Center cultivates and stewards mutually beneficial partnerships between communities and the University of Michigan in order to advance social change.

This mission statement brings attention to Ginsberg’s important role in balancing the interests within the University of Michigan with those communities with which we engage, and names a clear emphasis on social change. The focus on mutually beneficial partnerships requires attending to the growth and development of students, and to advancing the academic interests of the University of Michigan. Equally important, however, are the benefits conferred to communities with which students and faculty engage, and Ginsberg will direct a significant portion of our work toward understanding and supporting this aspect as well. Further, the emphasis on social change requires that the Ginsberg Center support engaged learning that seeks to understand and change the institutions and structures that maintain unequal distribution of power and privilege.

The Impact

The Ginsberg Center serves more than 4,000 students annually, numerous faculty and academic programs, and an ever-growing number of community partners, in both the form of individual agencies and ‘sector’ collaboratives. Ginsberg connects individual students and student organizations with both paid and unpaid service opportunities including leadership opportunities, fellowships, “alternative breaks,” and tutoring initiatives. Ginsberg also enhances student learning through educational programs, as well as consultation and support to faculty and academic staff that connects socially just engagement experiences to coursework, research, and related scholarship.

The Opportunities

Each $50,000 endowed/$2,500 annually
Program $2M endowed/$100,000 annually

The Ginsberg Center offers an array of civic leadership experiences for students aimed at building knowledge, skills, and capacities for them to thrive and lead in an increasingly complex world. We seek support to enable students to serve, learn, and earn through paid student leader fellowships and internships. These include center management and capacity-building, community-based literacy and mentoring, and initiatives and activities that promote community empowerment. We would like to support 40 of these positions annually.

$500,000 endowed/$25,000 annually

The Ginsberg Center currently offers scholarships to cover tuition, fees, and travel expenses for students to participate in community-based service projects. These have included students working on food security in New Orleans, literacy support for elementary school students in Detroit and Ypsilanti, nonprofit board membership through the region, conducting community needs assessments in Detroit and Ann Arbor, and math tutoring for youth in Flint and Benton Harbor. These service projects provide wonderful opportunities for our students to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting, enhance that knowledge through the hands-on experience, and increase the University’s impact for the global good.

$3M endowed/$150,000 annually

The Ginsberg Center seeks to advance faculty understanding and utilization of the community engaged learning pedagogy with a commitment to best practices, equity, and justice. We know that despite the transformative experience gained through community engaged learning, many students will only participate when there is an opportunity to earn course credit. To increase these offerings for students, the Center provides grants for faculty members to explore ways to creatively incorporate community engaged learning into their coursework. The Center also facilitates a faculty group for the sharing of best practices across the University, allowing the faculty to learn from each other, and, once per year, brings a national expert to campus to further share knowledge on this topic.

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Give to the Ginsberg Center

Student Life is committed to student learning and the development of the whole student. We facilitate transformation and enrich education through new opportunities for learning and development; fostering an environment for the success of all community members; developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and others on an inclusive campus; enabling students to practice positive physical, emotional, social, intellectual, mental, and spiritual health; preparing students to succeed during and after their university experience; resolving complex issues through advocacy, services, and compliance; and providing programs and facilities for the physical, social, psychological, academic, and recreational needs of the campus community. 

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Your gifts of cash, pledges, or appreciated securities will enhance the experience of all University of Michigan students. Wills, estate, and planned gifts allow you to create a lasting legacy that will allow our students to grow and thrive for generations to come. Thank you for giving to the University of Michigan.

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Planned Gifts

Legacy gifts from generous alumni and friends provide the future support needed to achieve the University’s long-term commitment to excellence. A bequest is the easiest and most tangible way to accomplish this. If you have already included Student Life in your estate plans, but have not previously notified us, please let us know. We would like to properly thank you for your support, ensure your wishes are met, and plan with you for the future.

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