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The University of Michigan is committed to transforming our students’ education by extending academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences that develop a global purview and a creative, entrepreneurial mindset.

The Potential:

Trotter Multicultural Center (TMC) is a vibrant hub of not only cultural and intellectual exchange, but also renowned as a home away from home for the campus and greater community at large. We believe that our students are the driving force of our work.  As a result, we choose to enhance the quality of life and development of the entire campus community.  

Through our shared cultural exhibitions we create an inclusive co-curricular space where we celebrate the diversities and similarities that connect us all. Our goal is to meet every student where they are in their journey and providing them a brave space to lean into their moments of both pain and joy in order to grow and develop into the outstanding humans they truly are.

In order to sustain the work we do, we need fellow committed and passionate humans who not only believe in our mission, but want to see it grow into its potential.

The Impact:

TMC provides free event and meeting space made available for approximately 1,500 student and professional organizations all year round, monthly programming experiences focusing on uplifting and celebrating marginalized communities through the arts as well as creating social justice centered dialogic spaces. Some of our programming includes Paint No Pour, which is a facilitated painting expression focused on artists of the corresponding  affinity month as well as Trotter’s Annual Lecture, which is a thematic lecture centering underrepresented narratives. TMC also provides grant opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to create programming that both showcases their academic projects as well as bring forth fresh and new ideas of navigating differences and spaces.


Programmatic Experiences

Our programmatic experiences represent the heart of TMC and symbolize our mission to be a home away from home.

Paint No Pour- “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Trotters Third Thursdays also known as Paint No Pour are inspired by our heritage months, students interest, and social concerns. Each month allows participants to broaden their worldview, tap into their creative side, and expand their minds.

Food for the Soul Sunday- Every Third Sunday of the month, Trotter collaborates with a racial/ethnic/cultural student organization on campus to bring forth their cuisine and history. Through this program, Trotter strengthens its ties with student organizations and celebrates underrepresented groups and their contributions to not only the university, but also the world.

Trotter Film Series-  Every two months of the academic year, Trotter screens controversial and thought provoking films focused on social justice issues and concerns that our campus or global community is facing followed by a facilitated conversation in order to solidify take away points and potential follow up actions.

Trotter Annual Lecture- Every February of the academic year, Trotter creates a thematic lecture targeting underrepresented narratives of students and their respective communities. This lecture includes world renowned guest speakers as well as student speakers in order to share their truths and provide insight and inspire resilience to our campus community.

Cultural Competency Workshops- We offer personalized workshops to student and professional organizations based on a three pronged curriculum: social/salient identity development, emotional intelligence, and cultural competency.

Facility Use

Our current facility is a historical landmark, and with such richness comes demanding maintenance needs in order to follow our vision towards student centeredness as well as upkeep with the digital era. Though we are about to break ground into our new facility on State St., it is absolutely crucial to continue our committed work while at our current facility. Our facility allows us the freedom to host urgent safe spaces for our students during times of negative social climate as well as opportunities for collaborations and innovations with those who want to put words into action and create change for the betterment of the campus and world.

Trotter’s Grants

TMC’s programming unit not only creates events for co-curricular experiences and learning, but also provides grants  for all students to collaborate and showcase their ideas and progress during their academic journey. During the last year, TMC was able to support UM MFA student Stephanie Brown and UM MFA graduate King-Chávez-Parks Visiting Professor Eryn Rosenthal showcase their work focused on creating dialogic spaces around social justice issues that were not being highlighted across campus. During these events, alumni who attended had said they wished these opportunities were always abundant and supported seeing how much need there really is for spaces like this on campus.

Student Work

TMC staffing is comprised of only three professional staff supervising almost 35 student staff, whereas the majority of our student staff come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Our student staff rely on their wages to financially support themselves and our professional staff for guidance and emotional support. We are committed to our students both staff and otherwise, and in order to provide for each other most efficiently we want to be able to pay our student and professional staff more. Additionally, we often have students that do not qualify for work study positions that are interested in experiencing working in our unit, and are unable to volunteer, so with your support, we could offer paid positions to these students.

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