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The University of Michigan is committed to transforming our students’ education by extending academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences that develop a global purview and a creative, entrepreneurial mindset.

The Potential

The University of Michigan is committed to transforming our students’ education by extending academic excellence from the classroom into real-world experiences that develop a global purview and a creative, entrepreneurial mindset.

The Career Center works to inspire and support students to transition confidently beyond the University of Michigan by creating a dynamic space to gain clarity through their process of self-discovery.

Michigan’s Career Center has ongoing goals to capitalize on resources to build deeper connections and create pathways for students to better understand and experience the world of work; leverage career expertise and provide enhanced opportunities for the campus; utilize resources to build deeper connections and find routes for students to better understand and experience the world of work; and nurture a culture of innovation that supports students’ needs and empowers forward thinking in the field.

The Impact

Every year the Career Center serves as the critical central hub for job and internship searches and preparation, employer relations and recruiting events, as well as provides graduate and professional school application support, for the entire University of Michigan campus community, which includes more than 43,000 current students. Additionally, the Career Center is responsible for overseeing the Public Service Intern Program (PSIP), which annually sends 80 students to Washington, D.C. where they obtain summer internships in the public service sector. This is accomplished by remaining steadfast to the Career Center’s principles, including service highlighted by an effort to assist any student in achieving their professional goals.

The Opportunities


  • Scholarships: $150,000 endowed/$7,500 annually
  • Entire program: $3 million endowed/$150,000 annually

The Career Center provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to be introduced to meaningful professional pathways, including the non-profit, government, and news media sectors through the Public Service Intern Program. Through this year-long program, students experience the career development process as they consider their skills and areas of interest, develop job search tools, and engage in the internship search process. The students then live together in Washington, D.C., work at their internship sites, learn from their alumni mentors, and take part in educational experiences that complement their learning. Most of the PSIP internships are unpaid, and therefore the experience is not accessible to all students. Adding to the financial barriers is the high cost of living in Washington, D.C. The Career Center seeks to increase the number of program scholarships to cover the costs of student housing, transportation, and living expenses in order to provide this transformative experience to any Michigan student regardless of socioeconomic status.


  • $2M endowed/$80,000 annually

Mirroring the Public Service Intern Program, the Career Center is working to begin a year-long internship program for first generation college students. Often, First Gen students are solely focused on their academics, not recognizing that their stories must be multi-dimensional. The creation of a program that supports First Gens in navigating their career paths as they pursue their academic interests and explore out-of-class experiences will allow this group of students to be “career ready.” This innovative program will aim to target sophomores and juniors in order for them to get a jump start on preparing for life post-Michigan. It will be a year-long experience that includes individual coaching, group work, exposure to opportunities in the work world, and connecting with alumni and employers.


  • Scholarships: $25,000 endowed/$1,000 annually
  • $1M endowed/$40,000 annually

The Immersion Program is one of the Career Center’s signature opportunities for students to connect to the world of work. Currently there are 20 annual trips, with four hosted outside the state of Michigan. An Immersion takes students on a half-day, on-site trip to companies and organizations. In a small group setting, students engage with industry leading professionals, tour the company, and explore their interests by experiencing a typical workday. Past Immersion Program host sites include: Shinola, Google, ESPN, and Spectrum Health. With donor support, the Career Center intends to expand the Immersion program to incorporate other cities of interest to Michigan students, while simultaneously engaging with employers who seek to establish/enhance their brand with these current students. To continue hosting out-of-state Immersions and to expand the program to five new cities annually, the Career Center is seeking additional funding to assist with student travel expenses.


  • Single Visits: $25,000 endowed/$1,000 annually
  • Entire Program: $250,000 endowed/$10,000 annually

The Career Center seeks to establish an Employer-in-Residence program. Currently, there is only a subset of industries/employers that actively recruit students through on-campus engagement. There are, however, industries such as entertainment, fashion and design, as well as sports for which on campus recruiting is not the industry standard, and as such, are often an enigma to Michigan students. To that end, creating an Employer-in-Residence program would bring interested employers and alumni to campus to consult with students and help them understand the realities of those fields. These professionals would bring to life these industries/roles through individual/group consultations and simulating hands on experiences that would simulate work/projects being done in their work settings. Offering the industry leaders stipends to underwrite their airfare, lodging, and other expenses would substantially enhance the attractiveness of participating this program.


  • Single Visits: $25,000 endowed/$1,000 annually
  • Entire Program: $250,000 endowed/$10,000 annually

The Career Center seeks funding to host employers specifically for PhD students who are seeking options outside of academe. The need to connect with those in the work world, in a time effective manner, is critical for students who understand the obstacles of obtaining tenure track positions. These employers would be separate and discretely unique from the employers chosen for the undergraduate population. In total, between the two sections of the resident program outlined here, the Career Center’s vision is to host ten Industry Leader Residents for undergraduates and ten Industry Leader Residents for PhD students annually. ESTABLISHING A PROFESSIONAL CLOTHES CLOSET Gifts-in-Kind or Monetary Gifts of Any Amount Entire Program: $500,000 endowed/$20,000 annually The Career Center seeks to create a professional clothing closet to provide a way for any student demonstrating financial need access to free professional and business casual attire appropriate for career fairs, interviews, and the workplace. This inventory will include suits, blazers, skirts, button-down shirts, and more. Since the Career Center recognizes the importance of students looking professional throughout their job search and when they enter the professional world, they want to eliminate any financial obstacles current students may face as they seek their dream professional position.

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